Hood Canal Regional Stormwater Retrofit Plan

Maintaining and improving water quality in Hood Canal is important to the health of our families, our economy, and the environment.

Photo by Rocky Yeh

HCCC is working with our partners and the Hood Canal community to identify, prioritize, and plan for retrofit of high priority stormwater infrastructure to improve water quality and stream flows.

The Hood Canal Regional Stormwater Retrofit Plan is designed to coordinate stormwater and low impact development (LID) retrofit efforts on a watershed (Action Area) scale using common prioritization and planning strategies to maximize benefits, efficiency, and consistency.
The plan identifies, prioritizes, and plans for retrofit of high priority stormwater infrastructure to provide important environmental and public health benefits, limit runoff and pollution of surface waters and increase infiltration of rainwater in the Hood Canal watershed. It prioritizes retrofits in locations that are most important to the protection or restoration of watershed processes and achieves the following objectives:
  • Establishes regional collaboration and coordination between Mason County, Kitsap County, Jefferson County, the Skokomish Tribe, and the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe regarding needed stormwater retrofits
  • Determines regional retrofit goals, priority areas, and retrofit criteria
  • Assesses feasibility of stormwater retrofits opportunities
  • Develops conceptual designs, pre-design reports, and funding plans for retrofit pilot projects
Visit the Library to view plan documents, including the regional stormwater retrofit goals and criteria, priority site evaluations, and maps.