Near Term Actions

HCCC works with partners to bring priority local actions to the Puget Sound Action Agenda, coordinate the project evaluation and funding process, and support implementation of important projects to advance Hood Canal ecosystem recovery.

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HCCC is the Local Integrating Organization (LIO) for the Hood Canal Action Area, as designated by the Puget Sound Partnership. As the LIO, HCCC works with its partners to identify priority local actions aligned with the strategic priorities of HCCC’s Integrated Watershed Plan  for inclusion in the Puget Sound Action Agenda. HCCC also represents Hood Canal and its partners in various regional forums under the Puget Sound Action Agenda structure and liaises with key partners in Action Agenda planning and implementation.

The Hood Canal Action Area representative on the Puget Sound Partnership’s Ecosystem Coordination Board is Scott Brewer, HCCC Executive Director.

Find out about the 2018-2022 Puget Sound Action Agenda, and the process to develop the 2022-2016 Action Agenda.

Click here to learn more about the Hood Canal process to develop and evaluate project proposals for inclusion in the next Action Agenda (TBD).

Learn more about the process to develop 2022 Action Agenda projects for Hood Canal


2018-2022 Hood Canal Near Term Actions

Track NTA progress on Puget Sound Info's Action Agenda Tracker
NTA ID Near Term Action Name Owner Organization
2018-0095 Seal Rock Shoreline Armor Removal Northwest Straits Foundation
2018-0139 Lower Big Quilcene River Multiple Benefits Restoration and Protection Project Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
2018-0141 Data Gap Assessment - Vegetated Land Cover, including Pocket Estuary Habitat North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation & Development Council
2018-0143 SMP Effectiveness: North Olympic Peninsula Clallam County
2018-0145 Connecting Hood Canal communities to conservation through the Hood Canal Watershed Education Network Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
2018-0146 A Multi-Benefit Restoration of the Lower Duckabush River and Estuary Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
2018-0164 Dosewallips Floodplain Mid-Hood Canal Chinook Salmon Multiple Benefits Habitat Restoration Plan Phase I: Plan Development, Coordination and. Jefferson County
2018-0174 Snow Creek LWD Restoration Project North Oympic Salmon Coalition
2018-0175 Snow/Salmon Reconnection Feasibility Project North Oympic Salmon Coalition
2018-0179 Chimacum Creek Restoration and Protection Project: Phase 2 North Oympic Salmon Coalition
2018-0207 Skokomish Valley Road and Habitat Improvement Mason Conservation District
2018-0241 Determine water quality impacts related to the Hood Canal Bridge and model solutions. Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0244 Duckabush River Acquisition and Restoration Jefferson Land Trust
2018-0245 Jefferson County On-site Septic System Repair/Abatement Program Jefferson County
2018-0247 Hood Canal Watershed Comprehensive Riparian and Floodplain Vegetation Management Mason Conservation District
2018-0260 South Fork Skokomish Fish Passage Improvement Mason Conservation District
2018-0278 Duckabush Oxbow Side Channel Restoration Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
2018-0294 Tahuya River Watershed Assessment and Restoration Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
2018-0295 Investigation of nutrients, phytoplankton and food web interactions in the Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca and Admiralty Inlet Jamestown Tribe
2018-0322 Shore Friendly Kitsap - Reduction in Marine Shoreline Armoring Kitsap County
2018-0369 Jakeway Creek Forest, Farm and Fish Jefferson Land Trust
2018-0381 Develop and test solutions to decrease steelhead mortality at the Hood Canal Bridge Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0382 Hood Canal and Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca Summer Chum Salmon Recovery Status of Threats Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0384 Hood Canal Steelhead Recovery Plan Development Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0385 Mid-Hood Canal Chinook Salmon Recovery Strategy Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0386 Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0387 Hood Canal Coordinating Council Integrated Watershed Plan-Adaptive Management and Monitoring Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0388 Hood Canal Landscape Assessment & Prioritization Tool Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0512 Jefferson County Parks Shoreline Armor Removal Jefferson MRC
2018-0639 Hood Canal Regional Pollution Identification & Correction Program - Phase 4 Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0641 Improved Landowner Development Decisions to Protect Critical Areas and Manage Stormwater Kitsap County
2018-0664 Hood Canal Natural Resource Economic Assessment Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0665 Hood Canal Climate Vulnerability Assessment Hood Canal Coordinating Council
2018-0688 Dosewallips Floodplain Mid-Hood Canal Chinook Salmon Multiple Benefits Habitat Restoration Plan Phase II: Implementation of Restoration Pla. Jefferson County
2018-0723 Complete a site management plan for DNR's Dabob Bay Natural Area in Hood Canal to implement integrated strategies for protection and restor. WA Dept. of Natureal Resources
2018-0743 Conserve vital riparian, estuary, wetland and forest habitat within the greater Dewatto Watershed in Hood Canal and restore ecologically im. WA Dept. of Natureal Resources
2018-0818 Tarboo-Dabob Bay Shoreline Aquisition and Restoration Project Northwest Watershed Institute
2018-0838 Outreach and assessment for acquisition and restoration within the Dabob Bay Natural Area Northwest Watershed Institute
2018-0847 Anderson Creek and Shoreline Restoration Project - Phase II Northwest Watershed Institute
2018-0935 Engaging the Community in  Ecosystem Recovery Phase 2 Jefferson County
2018-0947 Port Hadlock Urban Growth Area (UGA) Sewer System / Water Reclamation Facility Plan Implementation Jefferson County
2018-0949 Rural Property Surface Water Management Tools and Training WA State University-Extension
2018-0953 Roadway retrofit to include swales to reduce untreated stormwater going directly into marine waters. City of Port Townsend
2018-0977 Skokomish River USACE Project Support Mason Conservation District
2018-0978 Skokomish Watershed LWD Treatments Mason Conservation District
2018-0979 Skokomish Watershed Restoration Project Development and Agricultural Coordination Mason Conservation District
2018-0980 Vance Creek Watershed Restoration Assessment Mason Conservation District


Learn more about each NTA on the Puget Sound Info Action Agenda Tracker.

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