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Hood Canal Landscape Assessment & Prioritization (LAP) Tool

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What is the Hood Canal LAP Tool?

A geospatial prioritization tool that analyzes a variety of datasets in a socio-ecological framework to identify the highest priority areas for protection and restoration within the Hood Canal basin.

LAP Tool objectives:

  • Identify priority areas that maximize social-ecological values and incorporate current ecosystem conditions and future risks at useful watershed scales
  • Inform land use decisions across jurisdictional boundaries that align with Integrated Watershed Plan (IWP) goals
  • Enable precise, strategic decision-making around protection and restoration actions on the landscape

The LAP Tool is being developed in a multi-stage approach:

  • Phase 1: Pilot (completed in 2020)
  • Phase 2: Full buildout (in development now; completion date of late 2022)

    LAP Tool Phase 1 (2020)

    During Phase 1, HCCC set out to develop a pilot and test the LAP Tool concept at a reduced scale, with the following objectives:

    • Develop the LAP Tool's conceptual approach to compile and analyze land use and ecological data in the Hood Canal region
    • Convene an advisory committee of local land use experts to guide the tool's development and inform planning efforts
    • Pilot the tool to assess its utility and applications, and identify next steps for advancement

    Phase 1 successfully developed a conceptual approach and analytical framework for a new, more precise, and accurate way to access how our activties on the landscape impact our ecosystem. It also built engagement and interest from local partners, and increased our awareness of the socio-ecological issues in Hood Canal that are affected by land use.

    Read the LAP Tool Ph. 1 Report


    LAP Toll Phase 1 interface


    LAP Tool Phase 2 (2022)

    LAP Tool Phase 2 will refine and further develop the framework and analysis piloted during Phase 1. HCCC will work with technical advisors and the HCCC Board of Directors to:

    • Assess the potential and feasibility of adding additional datasets to incorporate priority ecosystem functions and social factors (including Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment (EDT) and human wellbeing indicator data).
    • Build out the LAP Tool’s geographic scope to include the entire Hood Canal basin
    • Refine the analytical framework to incorporate more data and more complex analysis
    • Refine the LAP Tool’s user experience and interface to continue to make the LAP Tool understandable, intuitive, and relevant to our target users

    Hood Canal LAP Tool Analytical Framework (Draft)

    The LAP Tool Phase 2 analytical framework is currently under development and constantly being refined. This graphic depicts the categories of data layers under consideration for inclusion in the LAP Tool’s analysis.


    HCCC staff will once again convene a technical advisory group to guide the development of the tool, including selecting data, articulating desired social and ecological priorities and outcomes, and evaluating comprehensive solutions to achieve those outcomes. Particular outreach will focus on HCCC member governments to engage in a cross-jurisdictional exchange of land use policies, strategies, goals, and ideas, with the goal of incorporating the LAP Tool into relevant land use processes and programs.




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    Hood Canal Landscape Assessment and Prioritization Tool - Pilot Phase Final Report

    Download / PDF

    HCCC LAP Tool Advisory Group Meeting #3 Agenda


    Agenda for the third Landscape Assessment and Prioritization (LAP) Tool Advisory Group meeting.

    Download / PDF

    HCCC LAP Tool Advisory Group Meeting #3 Notes


    Notes from the third Landscape Assessment and Prioritization (LAP) Tool Advisory Group meeting.

    Download / PDF
    For questions about the Hood Canal LAP Tool, please contact: 
    Haley Harguth
    (360) 328-4625