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Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative

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HCCC is working with a multi-stakeholder group of Hood Canal shellfish community partners to develop an action plan with multi-benefit approaches to support Hood Canal's shellfish culture. 

The effort will include a comprehensive review of the barriers and opportunities to sustain robust shellfish resources that support a healthy ecosystem and community. The result will be an actionable workplan to achieve desired ecological and social outcomes, including: support of sustainable shellfish operations, conservation of local shellfish populations, and preservation of the community's connection to local shellfish. 

A collaborative, inclusive group will use local and regional expertise to develop strategies and actions that prioritize shellfish resource areas, and restore, protect, and increase native, cultural, and commercially-important shellfish species in Hood Canal. Shellfish partners from South Sound will also be engaged to participate in Shellfish Initiative planning and actions where there is overlap with Hood Canal resources.

Proposed actions may include:

  • Identifying priority shellfish resource areas
  • Increasing shellfish harvesting opportunities for tribes, the local community, and visitors
  • Outlining information gaps to support the sustainable shellfish industry and native populations
  • Examining land use policies and permitting practices’ impacts on shellfish activities
  • Expanding public awareness of the value and importance of shellfish resources to the region 
  • Identifying climate adaptation strategies
  • Highlighting actions to protect water quality for shellfish resources
  • Continuing support for shellfish grower and restoration partner collaboration where prioritized salmon habitat and shellfish beds co-exist

Progress to date:

  • HCCC completed a series of interviews with local and regional shellfish partners to get a better understanding of the issues and opportunities facing Hood Canal shellfish.
  • A Workgroup of interviewees and others is currently being formed to explore the topics identified in interviews more closely, then develop consensus around how to address them.

Future actions:

  • A DRAFT Shellfish Action Plan will written based on Workgroup recommendations
  • A Shellfish Summit will be held in 2020 to announce the findings and get another round of feedback
  • The Action Plan will be finalized and implemented

Information will be added as we move forward with the Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative, so check back regularly for updates!

Track our progress on shellfish and water quality protection at OurHoodCanal.org »

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Photo by Haley Harguth


Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Workgroup Meeting #10

Tue, 08/11/2020 -
12:00pm to 2:00pm


Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Workgroup Meeting #10 - Agenda


Agenda for the tenth Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Workgroup meeting.

Download / PDF

Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Workgroup Meeting #9 - Agenda


Agenda for the ninth Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Workgroup meeting.

Download / PDF

Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Workgroup Meeting #9 - Notes


Notes from the ninth Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Workgroup meeting.

Download / PDF
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