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Conserving Life in Hood Canal

HCCC Vision: Humans Benefit from and Coexist Sustainably with a Healthy Hood Canal

Hood Canal Integrated Watershed Plan

The Hood Canal Coordinating Council (HCCC) and its partners are working with the broader community to create a strategic action plan that will set priorities to ensure a future in which the Hood Canal remains a special place. The Hood Canal Integrated Watershed Plan (IWP) is an organizational concept for integrating existing plans and programs, as well as identified gaps, through a strategic planning framework in order to meet the Plan goals. The ultimate purpose of the IWP is to provide a set of prioritized actions and strategies to be implemented by and for the Hood Canal community.

 Integrated Watershed Plan Website

The IWP goals and guidance document outlines the basis for the integrated planning approach in the form of a vision, desired future conditions, and goals for the focal components. These focal component goals will provide the foundation and guidance for the development and implementation of strategies and actions for the Hood Canal watershed to advance towards the vision.

The HCCC has also been collaborating with Puget Sound Institute, Stanford University, and other partners to develop a process for selecting human wellbeing indicators relevant to natural resource management in the Hood Canal watershed.  The purpose of these indicators will be to monitor the state of Hood Canal communities and to inform and evaluate integrated watershed strategies for key social impacts.  The report describing this process and the outcomes can be found below.

October 2013 Report- Developing Human Wellbeing Indicators for the Hood Canal Watershed

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