Keep up to date on HCCC highlights

Photo by Haley Harguth

Learn about HCCC’s most recent progress and achievements toward our mission to recover and protect Hood Canal’s beaches, forests, streams and wildlife for the benefit of our communities.

HCCC Achieves 1st ILF Program Credit Release in WA State!

Please find attached the IRT co-chair letter releasing initial credits for the Irene Pond ILF Site.  The first such letter for any ILF Program in Washington State!  Congratulations to HCCC for being the first to start the fulfillment process for ILF credits sold!

Gail Terzi Mitigation Program Manager Seattle District Corps of Engineers


In-Lieu Fee Program Acquires 2nd Wetland Mitigation Site!

HCCC partnered with the Great Peninsula Conservancy to acquire a 22.9 acre wetland parcel in the Gamble Creek watershed. This property will fulfill credits sold to the Navy for the Explosives Handling Wharf 2 impact project.

RFQQ Project Schedule Extension

In March 2013 HCCC issued a request of qualification and quotation (RFQQ) for various (GIS, wetlands, cultural and historic properties, environmental site assessment, eelgrass and macroalgae habitat survey), engineering and geological on-call support services.  Selections of firms responsive to the RFQQ were made in May 2013. The RFQQ stated that the project schedule for on-call services would be up to three years with the possibility of extension of up to five years.  HCCC is announcing that it will extend the project schedule for on-call services for the five year period, ending in May 2018. HCCC will reevaluate the need for on-call services in early 2018 and publish a RFQQ as needed. Contact Patty Michak with any questions, e-mail: or phone 360 930 8634.

Hood Canal Bridge Impacts Assessment Highlighted

Steelhead could be running into a trap at the Hood Canal Bridge

by Christopher Dunagan

HCCC In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program Kicks-off First Mitigation Project!

HCCC partnered with the Great Peninsula Conservancy to acquire 17 acres of wetlands to be restored and protected in perpetuity.

2016 Hood Canal Near Term Actions Adopted

HCCC’s Board of Directors adopted 14 Near Term Actions for the 2016-2018 biennium. The NTAs are currently under review by PSP for inclusion in the Puget Sound Action Agenda.

2015 Hood Canal Environmental Achievement Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2015 Hood Canal Environmental Achievement Award Winners Newberry Hill Heritage Park Stewards and Beards Cove Community Organization!