Salmon Recovery In Action

Salmon recovery action in Hood Canal begins with dedicated partners and community leaders. HCCC integrates local leadership, regional salmon recovery priorities, and watershed partnerships to implement restoration activities benefitting our shared salmon resources.

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HCCC facilitates implementation of three salmonid recovery plans, including summer chum salmon, Skokomish River and Mid-Hood Canal Chapters of the Puget Sound Chinook Salmon Recovery Plan, and the Hood Canal Chapter of the Puget Sound Steelhead Recovery Plan. Priority recovery plan strategies include:

  • Ensuring the long-term protection of priority salmon habitats
  • Restoring natal estuaries, streams, and streamside areas
  • Integrating partner actions and programs, such as county critical areas ordinances and co-managed hatchery management plans
HCCC convenes and coordinates salmon recovery planning, utilizing the expertise of the HCCC Technical Advisory Group. Voluntary salmon recovery actions and projects are guided by regional prioritization based on the salmonid recovery plans and are scheduled according to the HCCC Salmon Recovery Work Plan.

HCCC Salmon Recovery Work Plan

The HCCC Salmon Recovery Work Plan (HCCC Work Plan) schedules, coordinates, and implements salmon recovery projects based on priority actions in conjunction with funding opportunities. The HCCC Work Plan is based on the HCCC’s Guidance for Prioritizing Salmonid Stocks, Issues and Actions. Projects in the HCCC Work Plan will be considered for the HCCC Lead Entity Grant Round Process as scheduled.

Progress toward Recovery: Reporting on Habitat Projects

Understanding and communicating progress is critical to achieving salmon recovery. We can better understand our status on the path to salmon recovery (and the work left to be done) by documenting and assessing the work taking place on the ground. We can summarize and share our achievements, and most importantly identify areas that may require a new approach.
As the Regional Recovery Organization for Hood Canal summer chum and the Lead Entity for Hood Canal, HCCC is responsible for reporting on the status of salmon recovery and communicating progress to our partners, funders, and the Hood Canal community. HCCC uses a variety of tools to verify, map and report data for completed habitat projects. Explore the sections below to learn more.

Habitat Work Schedule Project Database

The Habitat Work Schedule (HWS) is a project mapping and tracking database for Washington State’s Salmon Recovery Lead Entities and their partners. It enables natural resource professionals, project funders, and the public to follow past, current, and proposed projects from concept through implementation and then, once complete, into the monitoring phases. This leaves a legacy of local and statewide salmon recovery efforts and improves coordination. 

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