NTA Planning

Near Term Action planning for implementation of the Hood Canal Integrated Watershed Plan

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2016 Near Term Action Planning

Near Term Actions (NTAs) proposed for the Puget Sound Action Agenda in the Hood Canal Action Area are submitted through HCCC, the Hood Canal Local Integrating Organization (LIO) designated by the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP).

HCCC’s NTA planning process is facilitated according to guidelines put forth by the Hood Canal Integrated Watershed Plan (IWP) Steering Committee and approved by the HCCC Board of Directors. 

Learn more about HCCC’s NTA process and selection criteria in the Hood Canal NTA Solicitation Guide.

Hood Canal 2016 NTA Planning Process

Hood Canal 2016 NTA Planning Step-by-step Process Date

HCCC developed Hood Canal NTA selection criteria

Approved by HCCC Board on June 17, 2015

Public solicitation for Hood Canal NTA proposals

July 9 – Aug. 14, 2015

HCCC works with NTA submitters to revise proposals, as needed

Aug – Sep, 2015

HCCC IWP Steering Committee reviews and evaluates NTA proposals, sends recommendation for adoption to HCCC Board

Sep. – Nov. 2015

HCCC Board of Directors reviews and approves Hood Canal NTAs to be submitted for inclusion in 2016 Action Agenda

December 8, 2015

NTA owners submit proposals to PSP online submission portal

December 31, 2015

NTA owners receive NTA proposal feedback from PSP SITTs. HCCC works NTA owners to revise proposals, as needed

Jan. 18 – Feb. 1, 2016

PSP’s Strategic Initiative Transition Teams review and rank all NTA proposals submitted for inclusion in Action Agenda

Feb. 1 – Feb. 29, 2016


The timeline below displays the HCCC NTA planning process and the simultaneous PSP Puget Sound Action Agenda planning.

HCCC NTA Planning Timeline

Photo by Scott Shawcroft

PSP Regional NTA Solicitation

The Puget Sound Partnership’s Regional NTA Solicitation Guidace document lists the Strategic Initiative Sub-Strategies identified as priorities for the 2016 Action Agenda, and provides direction on the process to submit an NTA proposal. More information can be found on PSP’s website.

Additional NTA submittal resources from PSP are available, including FAQs and Results Chain guidance.

NTAs and Salmon Recovery Projects

More information regarding the inclusion and eligibility of salmon recovery projects in the Action Agenda is available from PSP.


There are no current events for Near Term Actions - NTA.


Hood Canal LIO Ecosystem Recovery Plan Poster


Presented at the Puget Sound Summit, Mar 3, 2017

Download / PDF

HCCC News: 2016 Hood Canal Near Term Actions


HCCC’s Board of Directors adopted 14 Near Term Actions for the 2016-2018 biennium. The NTAs are currently under review by PSP for inclusion in the Puget Sound Action Agenda.

Download / PDF

2016 Near Term Actions for the Hood Canal Action Area: HCCC NTA Solicitation Guide

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