Interagency Review Team

Oversight of the ILF Program

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The Interagency Review Team (IRT) reviews and approves credit sales, program spending, mitigation site selection, mitigation project proposals and program Instrument revisions.

Oversight of the HCCC In Lieu Fee Program

The IRT is composed of representatives from 16 federal, state, county and tribal governments and is tasked with the role of reviewing documentation for the establishment and operation of the In-Lieu Fee Program. The IRT is co-chaired by the US Army Corps of Engineers and Washington State Department of Ecology. Additional members include representatives of state and federal regulatory agencies, Tribes, and local governments.


There are no current events for In-Lieu Fee Mitigation - ILF.


In-Lieu Fee Program Interagency Review Team - Meeting Notes

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US Navy Bangor Base, Land Water Interface - HCCC Statement of Sale

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In-Lieu Fee Program Interagency Review Team - Meeting Notes

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