Ecology & DNR gathering information on cedar dieback

The Washington state Departments of Ecology (Ecology) and Natural Resources (DNR) are gathering information concerning the dieback of western redcedar in peatlands and other types of Western Washington wetlands. Since 2011, DNR and Ecology have observed cedar dieback in numerous Western Washington peatlands. In some cases, the trees have died, while at other sites the trees appear extremely stressed but are still sprouting at the base. In all cases, the redcedars’ needles turn orange. However, a shared and obvious cause has yet to be identified.

       Ecology & DNR have created a brief presentation to share how these diebacks appear in the field.

Share your observations

Both DNR and Ecology are seeking reports of cedar dieback. Please share your observations with both:

Where possible, please share the following information with your observation:

  • Observation date
  • Geographic location
  • Wetland type and location within wetland
  • Whether the trees are dead or stressed
  • Obvious signs of stressors
  • Other pertinent information