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Skokomish Watershed Action Team

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Mission Statement 

The Skokomish Watershed Action Team will work towards common ecological and economic goals in the Skokomish River watershed through collaborative basin restoration projects.

Principles and Goals

*The group will recognize and support projects throughout the basin.

*We will concentrate our action on Forest Service lands above the floodplain while ensuring collaboration throughout the basin.

*Forest Service employees participate in the group in an ex-officio, informational role.

*The group recognizes and respects the sovereign rights of the Skokomish Tribe.

*The group further recognizes and respects the land management rights and responsibilities of the US Forest Service and other basin landowners; our job is to work within tribal sovereignty and other landowner responsibilities to accomplish common goals.

*We will work to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of the Skokomish watershed recognizing best available science, technology, community values and other means as appropriate.

*The group will seek, coordinate and disseminate information about ongoing restorations projects in the basin.

*The group will examine all appropriate funding mechanisms to accomplish restoration projects.

*We will maintain a broad perspective as to how Skokomish basin projects affect Hood Canal and the Olympic Peninsula, and vice-versa.

*The group will be inclusive of all interested parties; we will identify common ground, using a consensus-based process.

*The group at all times will respect individuals and the interests they represent. No interest group will be penalized if they don’t agree on any given decision; no one interest group may veto a project.

*The collaborative group will work with the US Forest Service and other landowners to identify, review, fund and accomplish appropriate restoration projects.

*The group will work with basin landowners to identify appropriate monitoring methods and funding.

Participant List  ( * indicates Steering Committee Members) 

    • *Jayni Kamin, Skokomish Grange 
    • * Brian Matthews, Mason County
    • Terri Jeffries, Mason County Commissioner
    • Rick Hirschberg, Mason County Public Works 
    • Allen Gibbs, retired U.S. Forest Service
    • Marty Best, Mason County Emergency Management 
    • Lydia Wagner, WA Department of Ecology
    • Charles Toal, WA Department of Ecology
    • Congressman Derek Kilmer
    • Alexandra Fastle, Senator Patty Murray
    • Tommy Bauer, Senator Maria Cantwell 
    • Lief Horwitz, United States Geological Survey
    • * Rich Geiger, Mason Conservation District 
    • Keith Dublanica, Governor's Salmon Recovery Office
    • John Bolender, Mason Conservation District
    • *Patti Case, Green Diamond Resource Company
    • *Shelley Spalding, Olympic Forest Coalition 
    • Brent Davis, Ecotrust
    • Dave Werntz, Conservation Northwest
    • Michael Marsh, Washington Native Plant Society
    • Hood Canal Coordinating Council
    • Wayne Marion, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
    • * Mike Anderson (SWAT Coordinator), The Wilderness Society
    • * Mendy Harlow, Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group 
    • Shannon Skinner, local resident 
    • Ron Gold, RG Forestry (retired)
    • Dusty Watz, JX Construction, LLC 
    • Paul Hickey, Tacoma Power
    • Keith Underwood, Tacoma Power
    • Jason Ragan, Skokomish Valley resident and shellfish grower
    • Bob Simmons, Washington State University Mason County Extension
    • Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish Farms
    • Alann and Mali Krivor, Skokomish Farms
    • Jeff Chapman, Backcountry Horsemen of Washington
    • Rebecca Wolfe, Sierra Club Cascade Chapter
    • Katie Briggs, Laird Norton Foundation
    • Stacy Vynne, Puget Sound Partnership
    • Tiffany Royal, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

    Ex-Officio Participants:

    • Dave Herrera, Skokomish Tribe
    • *Alex Gouley, Skokomish Tribe
    • Joseph Pavel, Skokomish Tribe
    • Ron Figler-Barnes, Skokomish Tribe
    • * Robin Stoddard, Olympic National Forest, U.S. Forest Service
    • Michael Hutchins, Olympic National Forest, U.S. Forest Service
    • Dean Yoshina, Hood Canal Ranger District, U.S. Forest Service

    World Forestry Congress

    The Skokomish watershed was one of three restoration case studies featured in the United States’ exhibit at the World Forestry Congress, which was held October 18-25, 2009, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Held every six years, the World Forestry Congress drew approximately 6,000 participants from 160 countries. Representing the Skokomish Watershed Action Team were Robin Stoddard from the Olympic National Forest and Keith Dublanica from Mason Conservation District. The Skokomish was selected for its local partnership efforts.

    For more information about the World Forestry Congress, see

    Skokomish Watershed Action Team Documents and Links:

    Three Year Work Plan

    General Meeting Notes and Related Links